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Welcome, I am Seun Adeyemi, a Certified Financial Planning Professional®, Mortgage Broker, and Investor, and founder of True Wealth Advisors.

I understand the hard work it requires to own, maintain, and profit from real estate. I believe you should have the clarity and confidence on how on how to do the same. 

It can be daunting to execute a profitable real estate strategy and to do so consistently. We will help you sort through:

  • Investment Strategies, 
  • Retirement Savings, 
  • Cash flow Planning, 
  • Insurance Planning, 
  • Tax Planning, 
  • Credit, Debt Management and Mortgages,
  • Estate Planning, etc.

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We’ve got you covered!

Whether you're a current landlord or aspire to own your first rental, you've got a different perspective. You look at your income as a tool for building financial independence from a paycheck, not just for spending on your lifestyle. 

Who are our clients? 

  • Rental property investors looking for a comprehensive financial plan
  • Investors considering adding real estate to their portfolios
  • Professionals considering a real estate side hustle
  • People with inherited rental property
  • Homeowners maximizing opportunities for income 
  • Married couples who want to make the most of their God-given resources
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  • Testimonial

    Seun was very transparent and provided all the information and numbers needed for my family to feel comfortable moving forward. He was truly a professional!

    - Othneil Litchmore

  • Testimonial

    Seun's attention to detail is impeccable! It's a great feeling to begin to see wealth creation from a long term perspective. His service is of immense value for us!!

    - Mine Ogunsiji

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