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Investing and Growing Investment

Investing and growing your investment through real estate isn’t easy.

Too many investors that try to “wing” it end up getting burned.

  • You are worried that the real estate market is out of reach for you.
  • You already own one real estate property (your primary residence) but would like to acquire more but not sure how to do it prudently.
  • You want to know what type of real estate investment fits your life stage and finances.
  • You’re not sure if you are taking too much risk. How do you use leverage prudently?
  • You wonder if you’ll be able to retire with your current real estate portfolio and want to minimize your downside risk.

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A Real Estate Success Story

Edward and Ashley

A Real Estate Success Story

Edward and Ashley are very busy professionals. Edward is a high income earner as a Realtor and Ashley is an IT specialist. Together they owned about three real estate properties, one was their primary residence and the other two were investment properties.

Even though they owned all these properties, they were cash poor and kept wondering why despite generating a lot of income from their primary income and investment properties, they were late on their bills and paid a lot in taxes.

We took the couple through one of our R.E.A.L (Real Estate Acquisition Lifestyle) planning programs and helped them restructure their real estate portfolio to.

  • Maximize their profit
  • Increase cash flow
  • Reduce their tax burden
  • Increase their giving to their local church and community
  • Properly structure their estate

Now, Edward and Ashley feel less stress about their finances. They are in a good position to capitalize on future market opportunities.

Edward and Ashley said they couldn’t have created —or followed—such a clear plan that was authentic to their goals and needs without the help of Seun at True Wealth Advisors.

A Stewardship Story

Costly Mistakes Real Estate Investors Need to Avoid.


Meet Seun

Welcome, I am Seun Adeyemi, a Certified Financial Planning Professional®, Mortgage Broker, and Investor, and founder of True Wealth Advisors.

I understand the hard work it requires to own, maintain, and profit from real estate. I believe you should have the clarity and confidence on how on how to do the same.

It can be daunting to execute a profitable real estate strategy and to do so consistently. We will help you sort through:

  • Investment Strategies
  • Retirement Savings
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Tax Planning

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